Thursday, January 15, 2015

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Hello again all! I apologize for how long it has been since my last blog, still trying to get used to this--But I had to let you know I finally got to meet with my bishop to start my mission papers!!! In order to be a missionary, you have an interview with your bishop in your ward or branch to figure out if you are sincere and if you are worthy to become a missionary because it is a big commitment. But I got approved on Tuesday and I have been filling out my papers ever since. I am so excited! It feels like it's really happening. I love it so much. I am learning a lot too because of all the information I have to fill in, it's really great. The next steps will be to get my physical examination from the doctor and my dentist paperwork completed! I got my wisdom teeth out at the beginning of Decemeber so I am almost there! I can't remember if I have mentioned this yet, but I found out I can turn in my papers as early as April 22nd, 2015.
In the meantime, I will be preparing spiritually by studying Preach My Gospel, a very important text to help missionaries teach. Also, I will thoroughly search and ponder The Book of Mormon; the keystone of our religion. But mostly what a missionary needs constantly is the Holy Ghost, also referred to as "the Spirit" and "Comforter". We believe the Holy Ghost is a being without a body that testifies of all truth and speaks to individuals in different ways such as: feelings, thoughts, or even an actual voice. Kind of like your conscience. The Holy Ghost is how God communicates with His children. This is needed for missionary work, so if I can improve my way of keeping the Spirit with me as much as I can, I know I will be a better missionary for my Savior. (I will try to put a link to some a mormon messages about revelation through the Holy Ghost by one of our twelve apostales Elder Bednar.)
I am very excited to be a missionary and that I can practice by being one now! I have had 4 missionary moments this week that I have been able to talk about the gospel of Jesus Christ with my wonderful friends and I want you to know, if you have any question I would love to talk with you about anything, but if that is uncomfortable to you, please vist or
Thank you so much for reading!
God bless you!
I better fill out my papers now!

Future Sister Lybbert

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